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The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is a body corporate established by an Act of Parliament in 2001 to regulate Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) in Sierra Leone. As a regulatory body, TEC makes recommendations to the Government through the ministry of Technical and Higher Education on issues related to the tertiary education sector.The Commission supports some fundamental principles of good governance and quality assurance in higher education institutions.  These principles include fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency.  Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are treated alike and as a Commission we require these institutions to comply with the statutory instruments i.e the TEC Act of 2001 and its Regulations (2006) in respective of their status.  Governance attracts a great deal of attention in higher education institutions (HEIs) in Sierra Leone.  Currently the Commission is constituted with the following persons:

  1. Alyageen M. Alghali – Chairman (Presidential Nominee)
  2. Roland Buck – Commissioner (Presidential Nominee)
  3. Amadu Bangura – Commissioner (Presidential Nominee)
  4. Madam Edna Jones – Commissioner (Presidential Nominee)
  5. Yvonne Gibril – Commissioner (Presidential Nominee)
  6. Edwin Momoh – Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Representing Public Universities
  7. Father Prof. Joe Turay – Vice – Chancellor & Principal, Representing Private Universities
  8. Christiana Samu-Representing Chief Technical Officer (MTHE)
  9. Philip Kanu – Representing Polytechnic Institutions
  10. Samba Moriba – Representing, Conference of Principals of Teacher Training Colleges
  11. Mariatu Mansaray- Chairman, Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools
  12. James S. Koroma – Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce Representative
  13. Sam Kpakra – Development Secretary/Representative
  14. Sahr Jusu – Financial Secretary
  15. Chairman, National Council Technical Vocational Awards- Vacant
  16. Representative of Science and Technology-Vacant.
  17. Representative of  the Sierra Leone Academic of Arts and Sciences -Vacant


  • To ensure that the products of Higher Education Institutions are quality assured and in sync with the felt needs of the Communities and the country at large.
  • To incorporate and promote technological dissemination for effective service delivery in the Sierra Leone Higher Education landscape.
  • To ensure comparability, compatibility and portability of qualifications within and outside Sierra Leone.
  • To promote teaching, research and innovation geared towards addressing national development and productivity needs
  • To foster partnerships amongst higher education institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders in the higher education sector.

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