The object for which the Commission is established is to advise Government on tertiary education and to provide an institutional liaison with Government and other stakeholder organizations offering assistance in the tertiary education sector and to ensure parity of the products of tertiary education institutions.

1. Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), it shall be the responsibility of the Commission to: –

(a) Consider estimates and proposed expenditures of every tertiary education institution in Sierra Leone;

(b) Seek funding from prospective donors in favour of the promotion of tertiary education in Sierra Leone;

(c) Assess the funding and other resources for academic programmes of all tertiary education institutions in Sierra Leone with a view to ensuring that their respective programmes are not at variance with the overall socio-economic aims and aspirations of the country;

(d) Serve as a depository of all academic and non-academic programmes of tertiary education institutions in Sierra Leone;

(e) Liaise with the Senate and the Academic Boards or any such bodies of tertiary education institutions for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under paragraph(d);

(f) Advise and recommend, when necessary, remedies for any lapses in the performance of any tertiary education institution;

(g) Ensure that the financial management policy of the Government is fully complied with by every tertiary education institution in Sierra Leone;

(h) Ensure fair play in the admission of students to and the recruitment and promotion of staff of tertiary education institutions;

(i)  Advise, monitor and ensure parity in the terms and conditions of service, including promotion of staff, in tertiary education institutions in Sierra Leone;

(j) Serve as the depository of all rules and regulations binding the conduct of students and staff of each tertiary education institution in Sierra Leone;

(k) Advise the Government on the establishment of new universities, polytechnics or campuses;

(l) Advise the Government on any reviews or modification of courses or legislation relating to polytechnics and universities, and

(m) Do all such things as will contribute to the attainment of the object stated in subsection(1).

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