25th March 2020 | Press Release


The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
with the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Police on Wednesday 2 nd September 2020 to tackle illegal
tertiary education institutions in the country.
The MoU which was signed at the Police Headquarters at George Street is valid for two years
with possibility of renewal. According to Professor Aliyageen M. Alghali of the TEC, they are
very pleased with the MoU with the SLP, as one of their mandates as a commission is to regulate
and monitor tertiary institutions in the country. He said though there are so many illegal
institutions in the country, the MoU will see the police help TEC weed out such higher education
institutions. Professor Alghali said the number of unregistered and fake institutions in the
country is alarming, noting that they deemed it prudent to have a working relationship with the
SLP to surmount such a challenge. He lamented that effective collaboration is essential in the
promotion of tertiary education in the country. Stressing that as a commission it is a bold step to
enhance the educational system’s in tertiary sector.
Reading the MoU, the lawyer for the SLP, Joan Bull, underscored one of the objectives of the
MoU – which is to build effective synergy to ensure that TEC is able to carry out its mandates,
which includes the closing down of tertiary education institutions operating illegally and
revoking licenses of defaulters that refuse to adhere to the rules and regulations of the
Another objective. She pointed out, is that the SLP will monitor the activities of tertiary
institutions to determine compliance with the law and undertake enforcement where necessary.
Among the responsibility and obligation, the two institutions should share is that the SLP will
investigate the matter to ascertain whether the defaulting institution is liable for punitive action,
and the SLP together with the TEC will take necessary actions against said institution. In his
statement, the Inspector General of SLP. Ambrose Sovula, said Sierra Leone has been suffering
from educational bad governance due to educational malpractices from the lower cadre to the
higher level.
He said the law enforcement agency and TEC will serve as a checkmate for illegal institutions in
the country this time around, noting that the fraudulent pupils that are promoted due to such acts
will always find themselves in such illegal institutions.
He noted that the MOU will help them to get rid of such institutions so as to strengthen the
country’s educational system.
The police boss thanked the team for preparing the document and hoped for a great partnership
with TEC.

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